Frequently asked questions:

1)       Can I book a room if I do not own a credit card?

          Yes, you can. You can book your accommodation in a hotel which does not require the guarantee of reservation with a credit card.

2)       Is it possible to make any additional changes – as for the length of my stay or its period?

          No, it isn’t. The already-made reservation cannot be changed; you have to cancel it and make a new one.

3)       Do I have to pay to the hotel portal bookfix.com for the booked room?

          No, you don’t. You pay directly in the hotel for your stay, the portal doesn’t charge any fees for the arrangement of your reservation or your
          cancellation. Cancellation fees can be charged by a concrete hotel if you don’t fulfil the cancellation conditions. These conditions are stated by  
          the hotel in its detailed presentation.

4)       Is it possible that I arrive to a hotel I booked via bookfix.com and the room will not be available?

          It should not happen in any case, but can happen exceptionally thanks to many unpredictable circumstances. The hotel manager is then under  
          the obligation to provide other accommodation for the same price to you. Please let us know about this inconvenience as soon as possible so  
          that we can make correction and ensure that such situation would occur the least.

5)       Do I have to contact the hotel after making my reservation via the hotel portal?

          No, you don’t. The hotel receives information about your reservation with all the details on-line from us.